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T.U.N.A. stands for T rans U rethral N eedle A blation.

(Editor's note: "TUNA®" is used with a registered trademark symbol (®) on the home page of VidaMed, Inc., which means it cannot be used to describe anything other than their product.)

"With transurethral needle ablation (TUNA), the inner region of the prostate is selectively ablated while the prostatic urothelium is preserved. The new TUNA instrumentation has simplified this procedure and is expected to have a positive impact on procedure performance."
[Infect Urol 11(5):148-, 1998]

J Endourol 1997 Oct;11(5):367-70
Pilot study of transurethral needle ablation (TUNA) in treatment of nonbacterial prostatitis.
Chiang PH, Tsai EM, Chiang CP
Department of Urology, Kaohsiung Medical College, Taiwan.
"Transurethral needle ablation (TUNA) was performed on seven patients with chronic nonbacterial prostatitis who failed to respond to conventional treatments administered for more than half a year. The TUNA procedure heated the prostate to a temperature ranging from 90 degrees to 100 degrees C while the urethral temperature was maintained below 43 degrees C by a protective sheath and irrigation.
"After treatment, four patients showed complete resolution of symptoms and three a partial improvement. All patients had a decrease in the leukocyte count in expressed prostatic secretions (EPS) 1 month after treatment.
"Recurrence of abnormal inflammatory cells in the EPS was noted in two patients at 3 months after treatment. The subjective improvement has been maintained during the subsequent follow-up.
"From these results, TUNA is considered to be an effective, safe, and easy treatment for most patients with nonbacterial prostatitis."

From the home page of VidaMed, Inc . :
(updated Aug. 31, 1999)

"VidaMed's TUNA System delivers low-level radiofrequency energy directly into hyperplasic prostate tissue while preserving the urethra and adjacent structures from harm. Twin needles deliver the RF energy, heating a well-defined area of tissue to produce significant coagulative necrosis. Adjustable shields covering the needles are used to localize the lesions within the prostate and protect the urethra from thermal damage.

"The VTS PROVu, VidaMed's latest product, consists of a reusable handle and a disposable cartridge designed to maximize operator comfort and minimize fatigue. The disposable cartridge has the smallest diameter sheath available for use with minimal anesthesia. The clear tip, in conjunction with the adjustable PROVu Telescope (0 degree lens with a 70 degree field of view), allows for maximum site visualization. The PROVu handle provides simultaneous, single-handed needle deployment with its trigger mechanism and pre-set needle selector knob. The maneuverability of the VTS PROVu allows the physician to treat all lobes of the prostate.
"The VTS TUNA System Hand Piece provides optimal viewing capabilities with a Rod Lens System designed specifically for use with the VTS Hand Piece. The Rod Lens System features a 0 degree lens with a 70 degree field of view. Multiple ports in the VTS Hand Piece shaft allow for the rapid and efficient evacuation of the bladder by aspiration or gravity drainage.
"The RF Generator is the control center for VidaMed's TUNA System, delivering the radiofrequency energy used to ablate hyperplasic tissue. Temperatures are reported for the urethra and prostate, while impedance and output are continuously calculated as an indicator of effective energy delivery. The RF Generator has an integrated computer which allows for the real-time data capture and storage of TUNA treatment parameters.
"Even though intracellular temperature may exceed 90 degrees Centigrade at the needle tip, clinical experience shows minimal patient discomfort or sensation of heat. The steps of a TUNA procedure are straightforward and intuitive for any urologist. VidaMed provides a choice of cystoscopic viewing systems which allow the procedure to be performed under visual control."


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