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Welcome to the Prostatitis Clinic at the University of Washington Medical Center. Prostatitis is an infection or inflammation of the prostate gland that can be caused by bacteria, other germs, or causes not yet identified. It is believed all men suffer from this condition sometime during their life.

Who should come to prostatitis clinic?
Most men who come to this clinic have been previously diagnosed with chronic prostatitis, and have received multiple tests and medications for this condition with only minimal success. The pain and suffering that these men experience from this condition can interfere, sometimes severely, with many aspects of their lives.

What benefit can i expect from attending the clinic?
Our Clinic may benefit men with diagnosed prostatitis or those men who have general pelvic pain who may have prostatitis. This clinic does not guarantee a cure or even a treatment for your condition but we do offer a comprehensive evaluation by health care professionals who specialize in this condition. If we find a cause for your problem-specific treatment options will be discussed. If a cause is not identified, there may be other strategies available to help alleviate or minimize you symptoms.

How is the clinic organized?
When you first come to the clinic we ask that you be off all antibiotics for at least three weeks. You will have a comprehensive history and physical exam and urethral cultures may be obtained. Although you may have had cultures taken by other physicians, these tests will be repeated because our labs are set up specifically to identify specific organisms that may be causing your condition. After you initial visit we will schedule a return visit in two to three weeks. This allows time for your culture to be thoroughly processed. Other appointments will follow and may include urine and prostate cultures, a prostate ultrasound and a urine flow test to determine if you are experiencing any problems with urination. A complete workup usually is provided over a couple of months.

Can I enroll in new studies or expect innovative treatments?
If a cause has not been identified after a complete workup, we will offer you the opportunity to participate in studies on prostatitis being done here at the clinic. If you decide not to participate in a study, we encourage you to return to our clinic if you experience a flare-up in your condition or need further medical treatment. The UWMC Urology Department is recognized as a leader in prostatitis care and research. We would further encourage you to keep in touch with the Prostatitis Clinic so that we may keep you informed of new developments in the management or treatment of chronic prostatitis.

To Prepare for Your Appointment

Stop all antibiotics at least three weeks before your appointment. Bring any medical records you have regarding your situation. Allow plenty of time for your appointment. Bring a book with you. You should be hearing from a nurse before your scheduled appointment time to-explain to you how our clinic is organized. If you do not get a call, it would be in your best interest to call the clinic and ask to speak with either Dr. Berger or Dr. Krieger's nurse.

To make an appointment, please call clinic registration at (206)548-4294 and let the receptionist know you are interested in an appointment in the Urology Prostatitis Clinic.

Faculty Richard Berger, M.D., Professor
John N. Krieger, M.D., Professor

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