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Crystal-clear wand

A prostatitis patient has found a commercial product which he feels works well for prostate self-drainage. The comments below are from the patient, not the webmaster.The Webmaster and The Prostatitis Foundation recommend against using ANY object for prostate drainage, other than a finger.But we include the information below for your private use if you so choose.

An outline drawing of the wand.

Well, until I get some kind of authorized series of 3 times weekly prostatic drainages by a doctor, I have found something that works very well in draining the prostate. It's the Crystal Clear Wand by Open Enterprises (800-289-8423) for $50. In the company's "Good Vibrations" catalog the Wand is mentioned as a "good shape for prostate stimulation". I originally called up the lady artist who hand makes and shapes these things in San Diego and she is a Tantric (sexual) Yoga teacher. Sounded like she really knew what she was doing when she designed this thing originally.

What the wand looks like if you lay it on a flatbed scanner.

The device is a beautiful (Yes, it looks good enough you wouldn't mind displaying it on your coffee table, IF you had the nerve!) clear Lucite dildo approximately 10 inches long in the shape of a gentle "S". The diameter measures about 3/4" and both ends come to a gentle rounded off point. Each curve of the "S" makes a 90 degree angle and it is long enough on each end to hold comfortable in the hand for the leverage and pressure you must use to press down hard on the prostate.

A photo of the wand from the people who sell it..

One end is slightly fatter and longer than the other which gives you a choice to use whichever gives you the best angle, leverage and effect. As with all such devices, it should be first inserted into the finger opening of a disposable vinyl glove or condom and lots of lubricating jelly applied.

I'm not a doctor so none of this is qualified or professional advice. But it works well for me. I usually get around 2-4 drops of prostatic fluid and that's about as much as I get on the infrequent visits during which my urologist does a massage to get fluid for a study. Naturally, depending on the condition of your prostate the results will vary for you. Always gently press, then when you -- or whoever is doing it for you -- finds that it is in the right spot, apply firmer pressure in a rolling motion. Never jab or use any kind of rough motion.

Since there are a lot of you who would like to try the Crystal Clear Wand and since a great deal of pressure is needed to press upon the prostate to press out the fluid, I wanted to add a word or two about safely using the device.

My understanding of hemorrhoids is that they are formed over a period of time caused by straining as hard stools pass through out the rectum and slowly push rectal tissue out. The resulting enlarged veins and displaced tissue cause the pain and bleeding. Since the Wand is in effect a hard acrylic dildo, it occurs to me that you may also promote the development of hemorrhoids with constant pressure movements up against the walls of the rectal area if not careful. To guard against this, I would suggest plenty of lubricating jelly along the sides of the device and near the base (the point which will contact the anus at the point of maximum insertion. This should decrease friction and lessen the chances of causing any kind of damage to sensitive tissue in those areas.

I've heard stories of at least one doctor who gave a patient a hemorrhoid while performing DRE's! If a trained doctor can do something like that it seems it is possible a DIY drainage is also subject to such error.

Here's a slightly later version of the patient's thoughts on the wand.
We all know (but just in case you don't, I'll tell you), that the year 1995-1996 brought the technique of Prostatic Drainage into the picture of successfully treating Prostatitis. Dr. Antonio Feliciano of the Philippines introduced us all to this technique via the dramatic and successful cures of Americans who went to his clinic for treatment and received every-other-day drainages, along with careful culture studies, sensitivity testing and appropriate antibiotics.

The problem here in this country is trying in some way to emulate that treatment by way of finding a doctor who will do the every-other-day drainages, ACCURATE culture studies, sensitivity tests, and antibiotic recommendations. For me, I've found that I can get the culture studies and sensitivity tests from Dr. Paul Fugazzotto, a professional microbiologist in South Dakota (Geezus! ANOTHER topic some of you have been bugging the hell out of me about...Just Kidding!). My antibiotic of choice right now as I said before is the 35% H2O2. And the final element in the Feliciano method I am resorting to is using the Crystal Clear Wand for every-other-day Do-It-Yourself (DIY) prostatic drainage.

The Crystal Clear Wand is a hand made clear acrylic dildo in the shape of a gentle "S" curve, measuring approximately a total 9 to 10 inches in length, with each curved segment around 3 inches long. It has a diameter of about 3/4 inches although one end is lightly thicker than the other. Both ends come to a rounded tip. The Wand can be ordered from Open Enterprises, 938 Howard St. Suite 101, San Francisco, CA 94103. And their toll free catalog line is: 800-289-8423.

I spent some time experimenting with various self-made prostatic massage devices, but found none of them as effective or well made as the Crystal Clear Wand for Prostatic Drainage. The Wand is handmade by a lady in San Diego, California who teaches Tantric Yoga (Sexual Yoga) and she told me she did lots of experimenting with her male partner and came up with this design. I think she did a good job because the Wand is very easy to use and can be safe and effective if you know what you are doing.

OK, do you know what you are doing? Well, I hope you read Ron K's articles on Do-It-Yourself Prostatic Drainage posted at the Prostatitis Foundation website and also Dr. Antonio Feliciano's technique of Prostatic drainage and maybe even Dr. Brad Hennenfent's monogram: PROSTATITIS SYNDROMES, which is filled with nice illustrations of the prostate and details concerning prostatic drainage.

Fortunately, the Wand is so designed that even though you may not know too much about your prostate, it is easy enough to use. I've found that no searching is needed to locate the prostate using the following technique, and it is simply a matter of barely moving the thing an inch or two to complete the whole drainage process which takes me only a couple of minutes and produces a minimum of 4 to as much as 10+ drops. Naturally, your own condition (tenderness, swelling etc.) will produce different results and there may be some days when you get less or more fluid than other days. Your own condition will also dictate how much pressure you want to apply in the drainages. REMEMBER: There is always tomorrow or the next day and it's better to take your time and get to know your own personal condition. This is your body and health we're talking about.

Following is my procedure for using the Wand device. The Wand is first inserted into a finger opening of a disposable vinyl glove and lots of lubricating jelly placed on that. I also keep some tissue available to catch drained fluid and to clean-up. I sit on my butt on a pillow usually on the floor or bed with legs bent and knees pointed outwards. One end of the Wand is held in my right hand (I'm right-handed), and the other hand is used to pull aside the left buttock cheek as the Wand is slowly and gently worked into the rectum approaching from the front in-between your legs. The Wand is held so that the end I am holding is held higher than the end being inserted. I've found this affords the best angle and leverage.

When the Wand is inserted up to the point of that first segment where it begins to curve it should be RIGHT THERE on your prostate gland. That's one of the great things about the design of this device as I've found no searching is needed. Pressing upon the gland with the Wand is done with the SIDE of the device, not the tip, although you can use that to reach the upper top most part of the prostate but do it CAREFULLY please.

I follow the Felicano method as far as the order and area in which to most effectively drain the gland. Remember, our goal is not to just massage the prostate but to drain out as much of that prostatic fluid as possible and hopefully open up any blocked acini. I usually start at the top outermost part of one side of the prostate and slowly roll/press down towards the middle part where that groove is. Then, I work down fractions of an inch at a time. It's simply a matter of moving over about an 1/2 inch or inch to the opposite side of the prostate and repeating the procedure again. You can do the whole procedure over again if you feel you have to.

You might experiment with both ends of the Wand to see which side you want to use to do the drainages with. Since each Wand is handmade there are slight variations from Wand to Wand, but generally, there will be a thicker more blunt end and a thinner more pointy end on opposing sides of the device. I've found that the "S" shape design of the Wand affords great leverage and allows you to exert the pressure to push on the prostate. You will find that it may take considerable pressure to drain out the prostatic fluid.

PLEASE, be careful. NEVER use any quick jabbing movements while doing the drainage. A slow tentative gradually increasing pressure is preferable. I've found a heavy pressure using a rocking motion works best in getting out every drop for a complete drainage. AND, by all means, talk this over with your doctor or urologist, if you feel the need to, I did. Show him the Wand, ask him his opinion, ask for tips. Etc. Etc. If enough people do this maybe the medical community will wake up and wonder why so many guys are doing what in the first place is a medical procedure and should be done by a doctor!!!

Perhaps the Wand is not as effective (meaning flexible and sensitive) as a trained hand of a human being (preferably a doctor's hand) but until more urologists start performing these every-other-day drainages as a matter of standard treatment at least some of you guys can use this device. It works very well for me and has helped me immensely.

Well, now that you all have an enchanting picture of me naked and dildoing myself I know you can all go out and have a nice dinner with that special lady or significant other and top it off with a wild night of lovemaking, or sit down to your computer and write me another letter asking me more QUESTIONS, QUESTIONS, QUESTIONS...(just kidding).

I enjoy answering your questions and hope this helps some of you guys!

Please do not write to the the prostatitis site webmaster with any comments or questions about the wand or this particular page. I don't know anything about it beyond what this patient said in his report.

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