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Webmaster's note: This page originally appeared in 1996. Since then, many wives, girlfriends, male lovers and just plain friends have learned how to do drainage . Providing that nails are clipped and a non-latex surgical glove (available widely at drug stores) lubricated with K-Y jelly, is used, little harm can come from trying. However, if you have acute epididymitis, you should not do drainage.

If the man is lieing over some pillows or kneeling, stomach down, and the "drainer's" hand is facing the floor, all one has to do is curl one's finger slightly and feel around, and the outline of the prostate gland can be detected. Stroke as firmly as possible from the outside to the lower center. Stroke very, very slowly and firmly, so that the contents of clogged acini are squeezed out.

The drainee will be very uncomfortable. This is not fun. It might be a good idea to place a towel under the drainee, because stuff does come out. It might take several sessions before you both get good at this. Talk while it is happening. The person being drained may have some trouble expressing himself due to groaning, so the drainer should pause (without withdrawing) if the person being drained seems to have something to say.

After the first few sessions some added burning may be noted, due to what is being drained. This will improve. Also, some blood in semen may be noticed at first. In this case, back off on the pressure and frequency of drainage and go more slowly. Blood is not a positive sign, but it should also not be a cause for panic. See blood.html.Also see Dr. AN Feliciano's page on drainage techniques.

This is a newsgroup post from patients have been frustrated not being able to find a doctor to do regular drainage. This patient has his wife do it for him.

I have suffered with chronic "non-bacterial" prostatitis for 25 years, and I have been to several doctors, all of whom have told me, in effect, "You have prostatodynia. There's nothing that can be done. Learn to live with it."

My symptoms are slight pain in right testicle area, feels like I'm sitting on a golf ball, difficulty urinating, burning sensation while urinating, pain in low back (feels like "sparkles" way in there), pain in perineal area after sex, reduced sex drive, and, during flareups or sexual arousal, a feeling of congestion throughout my pelvic area. I once rode a bicycle many miles per week. Now, riding even one block causes discomfort.

I have read the comments about and the writings of Dr. AE Feliciano in this newsgroup with great interest. Because I live 200 miles from a big city and because the local medical labs are unable to do the type of analysis which Dr. AE Feliciano's treatment requires, I decided to try the drainages myself.

My wife and I are quite health-conscious ( very low fat vegetarian diet, no tobacco, alcohol, or coffee, vitamin supplements, herb treatments, water filters, and raise an organic garden). We decided, as a first try, to use a program of anti-bacterial herbs (instead of antibiotics) along with the drainages.

I tried to do the drainages myself, but I couldn't reach far enough in to massage the upper part of the prostate. The few times I tried, I could not press very hard, and I could not express any fluid. So...

My wife now does the drainages. She studied Dr. AE Feliciano's notes, the postings of do-it-yourselfers in the newsgroup, and the pictures in Gray's anatomy and some other books. She has found that it works better to use her right index finger to drain the right side of the prostate and the left index finger for the left side. I place my own hand just above the penis (per Dr. AE Feliciano's notes) to allow her to press harder.

The drainages are effective. I do perineal stretching exercises and take a hot sitz bath before each drainage. We get 10-15 drops of prostatic fluid per drainage. The drainages take about eight minutes total (pressing time about one minute), and they are annoying but not painful. My wife is much more gentle, careful, and effective than any doctor I have ever consulted.

At first, the expressed fluid was thick, slightly yellow, and smelled like spoiled hay. Now, after 6 drainages, it is just a bit thicker than water, has a whitish tinge, and is nearly odorless. After one drainage, I found a small granule of something (a calcium deposit?) on the end of my penis.

I have found it difficult and not useful to ejaculate before each drainage.

Several times during the drainages, I have felt a sensation like a pin prick in the prostate area. I did not find anything in the expressed fluid.

At the suggestion (but not the prescription) of a naturopathic doctor, I take 60 drops of echinacea three times a day as a stimulant to the immune system and 6 capsules (505 mg each) of goldenseal root as an anti-bacterial. I eat three or four cloves of garlic daily (along with a baked potato to lessen the burning taste), and my daily vitamin C dosage is 6000 mg.

I'm not cured by any means, but now after only two weeks my prostate is smaller, the golf ball and the pain in the right testicle are both mostly gone, the "sparkles" have lessened, and the congestive feeling in the groin from arousal is less. I still have to urinate often, and it still burns a little (although less). Sexual desire is still low. I haven't tried the bicycle yet. I have more energy and mental clarity than I've had in some time.

I'm hoping to find a good lab and a sympathetic holistic physician to test the effectiveness of this treatment.

By the way, my dosage levels of goldenseal are HIGH, and I will have to stop for a while after three weeks or so, or I risk trashing the good guys in my intestinal tract. Be aware. And drink lots of good water.

Best wishes to all.



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